The Lab

neato-lab-cleanTaking technology from the lab into the home.

In the Lab, the lights are always on.

Silicon Valley’s R&D laboratories are famous for turning big dreams into reality, and The Lab at Neato Robotics is no exception. Transforming a vision into working technology lies at the core of what we do. It’s more than our job, it’s our passion. Neato Robotics is the leader in robotic vacuuming technology because we design mobile robots differently than any other company. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to develop cleaning robots that are smarter and more powerful than any other floor cleaning robot.

A True Vacuum Cleaner

neat_lab2Makers of other robot sweepers and floor cleaners like to call their products vacuum cleaners. Nice try guys. Their robots are actually brush sweepers combined with tiny support vacuums. That’s how their manufacturers slip the word “vacuum” onto the product. Neato robots are designed as vacuums from the ground up. With a Neato, your floors are being cleaned with a fast compression centrifugal impeller that is ten times more powerful than other robot floor cleaner on the market.

The Details

Sweepers and vacuums work very differently. A robot sweeper relies on a bristle brush to pick up debris. The result is that sweepers require frequent brush maintenance to clear the carpet fiber, pet fur and hair that collect in them. If the brushes are not cleaned often, the sweeper actually grinds debris back into the floor or carpet. With a robot floor cleaner, the role of the brush is different. The brush loosens debris from the floor, so the vacuum can draw it in to the dirt bin. This method is far more efficient and gives your home a thorough cleaning instead of spreading dirt around. The brush on the Neato XV-11is not bristle-based. It’s comprised of thin, polymer-based blades, the same material found in high-cushion athletic shoes. The blades are softer and more flexible, so they don’t collect hair or fiber the way bristle brushes do. The XV-21 uses a unique bristle/paddle brush. This combination makes it highly effective at picking up animal hair.

At the core of every Neato robot is a high-speed centrifugal impeller that generates the vacuum’s suction. Designed specifically for the Neato robot, the impeller is ten times more powerful than any other vacuum impeller, making it the strongest and most efficient in its class.

neat_lab3Precison Laser Mapping

Neato  robots stand apart from all other floor-cleaning robots in the way they perceive the world. Some robots are blind. It’s easy to spot them by the way they crash and bump around the room as they clean. Others rely on cameras that try to make sense of the surroundings, presuming it’s not too dark under the bed. Our robot cleaners use focused laser light to measure precise distances of nearby objects. By rotating this laser at high speed, the Neato robot quickly builds an accurate map of its surroundings, whether they’re well lit or completely dark. Taking readings at intervals of one degree apart, the laser has a full 360° visibility of its surroundings. The result is that the Neato robot builds maps that are more detailed and more accurate than any other consumer robot available today.

The Details

The onboard laser sensor optically collects thousands of distance readings per second, and the robot uses each of these to enhance its understanding of its environment and pinpoint its location. This real-time information makes the Neato sensitive to any change in its surroundings.

The robot floor cleaner instantly detects if a person or a pet enters the room and repositions itself to avoid a collision. The laser sensor uses infrared light, so it’s invisible to humans and completely safe. Through innovations in efficiency and sensitive optics, the laser works on very little power. In fact, the light output from the laser is so low that the Neato’s sensor meets all FDA standards to qualify as a completely eye-safe Class I laser.

SLAM Navigation

neat_lab4SLAM is the science of calculated poise and graceful movement. SLAM (‘Simultaneous Localization And Mapping’) is an artificial intelligence system that supports the robot’s
cognizance of itself within its environment as well as its capacity to plan its actions and
execute them efficiently and accurately.

The Details

The laser onboard the Neato robot gives it the ability to create precise, detailed maps of its environment as it travels through your home. But that’s just the beginning. Once it has created a map, the floor cleaning robot can plan the most efficient path for cleaning a room. By constantly keeping track of where it is in the map (a process known as localization) the robot stays on course and cleans in an orderly fashion.

Mapping and localization enable it to carefully track where it has cleaned and where it still needs to work. Its artificial intelligence algorithms make sure that it cleans everywhere without repetition, dramatically reducing cleaning time without compromising cleaning performance. If the Neato robot is running low on power and the charging station is on the other side of the house, the robot simply stops cleaning and plots a course back to the base to charge. When it’s done charging, the cleaning robot’s tracking data gives it the ability to return to the exact same spot where it left off to continue cleaning.

Have you rearranged your furniture since you last ran the robot? No problem. The Neato rebuilds its maps to reflect the most current information about its environment.

[Source: Neato Robotics, The Lab]

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