Programmer’s Manual

Programmer’s Manual

Communication with the robot through the USB portThe robot has a USB port next to the power jack at the rear of the robot. You will need a USB 5-pin mini cable to connect to the robot. You will also need to install a device driver to talk with the robot. The best way to install the device driver is to install it from the Software Update Page.

Communication to a robot through a terminal emulator

Commands can be sent to a real robot via a terminal emulator. The robot is running an API command interpreter on the USB port. Connection to the robot is made through a USB cable. The driver converts the USB port connection to a Com port connection. This allows you to use any terminal emulator program (such as Hyperterm or TeraTerm) to communicate with the robot. Use the following procedure:

1. Turn on the robot and connect the USB 5 pin mini cable between your computer and your robot.

2. Bring up the Terminal Emulator program.

3. Find the COM port that the robot is connected to. This is usually the last one on the list. The communication parameters (Baud, start/stop bits, parity, etc.) are unimportant. They apply only to a real COM port.

4. Type GetVersion. If you are connected to the robot, then it will echo back each character that you type. Hit the enter key. The robot will now process the command and supply a response.

5. Now type help to get a list of available commands.