There’s a lot of neat technology inside every Neato vacuum.

It scans, maps and plans.

Most other home robots move around a room at random. They bump into walls, bump into furniture. They go in circles, cleaning some spots several times and others not at all. But the Neato robot knows exactly where it’s going in the home at all times.

Don’t you dare call it a sweeper.

A lot of home robot “vacuums” are really just sweepers. Their low vacuum power is merely an add-on. But not the Neato. It’s the most powerful home robot vacuum available today. At the core of every Neato is a centrifugal compression-impeller that uses jet engine airflow principles to create high-powered suction.

Obstacle avoidance

As it moves around a room, the home robot’s sensor enables it to avoid obstacles like furniture, walls, stairs and pets.

It takes care of itself.

A Neato robot can handle large floor plans, because it automatically recharges its batteries. When it’s low on power, the home robot simply returns to its base and recharges. Then it returns to clean, right where it left off.


With a Neato there are no bags to buy or throw away. All the dirt and debris are collected in the Neato’s top-loading dirt bin. When the bin is full, you simply empty it into your trash.

Easy scheduling

Set a schedule and the Neato robot will automatically clean your home at the time you set—daily, every other day, or 3 times a week.

All floors are covered.

Unlike some household robots and vacuums, Neato robots are designed to work on all types of surfaces. So it can go from the carpet in your living room right onto the tile in your kitchen.

It cleans where you don’t.

There are places in your home that don’t get vacuumed very often (or at all), because they’re so hard to reach. A Neato robot is only 4” high, so it can scurry under beds, couches and other places regular vacuums can’t go.

Click on a video below to see the Neato in action.

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